Stunning 3D Simulation!


3D bowling USA ranks a perfect score! Take to the lanes as one of 12 bowlers in this super-realistic bowling game. There are 5 unique alleys and multiple camera angles. Perfect your technique as you adjust your own throwing style to the varying lane conditions. Play as a single player, against the computer, or take your friends out for a 10-frame spanking! You might throw a gutter ball, but this game never will.

Stunningly realistic alleys to bowl in, including the new 'Neon Night Time Ally'. 12 unique chracters to bowl with and against, all realistically modelled and animated. Watch your bowler's stats improve over time. Do you have what it takes to bowl the ultimate game and achieve every bowlers dream, 300 points. Even better than the real thing.

Sit down, relax and enjoy America's favourite pastime on your PC in glorious 3D. Practice on your own, take on the challenge of the computer or even bowl against a friend. Can you master the intuitive bowling swing meter and bowl those spectacular hook and backup balls, just like the pros?

Bowling is the Great American Pastime. It is a part of most peoples lives, it is pointless to talk numbers as most people have bowled at least once in their life. It is like asking people if they have ever been to the movies or ridden a bike. Bowling seems to have been around for ever and probably always will be. It is a game for everyone, anyone can get up and bowl, just not everyone is good at it.

System Requirements Minimum:

  • Pentium 166 Mhz, 32 MB RAM,

  • 3D Accelerator Card (3DFX, Matrox, TNT, etc.),

  • Sound Card, Windows 95 / 98 / XP / Me, Direct X

QTY Name Description Price
v-bowl 3D-BOWLING 9.97

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