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The 3D Adventure/RPG that's pure Evil

Ancient Evil is a 3D generated RPG consisting of a fully interactive environment in which "books can be read, and beds slept in".

Real-time lighting and real-time shadows makes this game even more of a treat to play. Play several types of characters, cast spells, and fight monsters, as you enter the mysterious Crypt of the Ancients.

For centuries, would-be heroes have been piting there skills against the Crypt of the Ancients. Controlled by the seemingly ageless arch-mage Alaric, it is believed to have been built over five thousands years ago as a resting place for 'The Ancients' - Demigods who created the world. Now, the Crypt is a way to earn money, as Alaric offers a prize of 50000 gold coins for anybody who enters the Crypt and lives to tell the tale. In the history of the challenge, just two people have ever emerged from its mysterious confines - Alaric himself, and Jetraal the Heroic. But Jetraal was last seen 300 years ago, before he mysteriously died. Until now. Jetraal's ghost has returned, warning people of impending doom unless Alaric is stopped.

Presented through a 3D isometric view, Ancient Evil uses high resolution 65,000 colour graphics. Real-time lighting and real-time shadows provide the most detailed looking adventure/RPG ever seen on a PC. All 30+ monsters are fully textured 3D models, providing life-like animation. Real-time particle and lightning systems are used for special effects such as fire, smoke, blood and magic. Explore a fully interative environment where books can be read and beds can be slept in. Support for directional stereo sound and a CD audio soundtrack enhance the atmosphere. Start with a base character who can specialise in either spellcasting or hand-to-hand combat. Enhance your characters attributes as you fight fearsome monsters and cast spectacular magic spells.

Should work fine on all versions of Windows.

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v-evil ANCIENT-EVIL 9.97

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