The Adventure of a Life-time

Be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime.

Your jungle home is under threat. Only you have the strength and the power to save it. The Elders tell of four magical stones which when brought together in the sacred temple of the Old City, can bring back life into the dying jungle. Can you negotiate the dangers ahead, solve the puzzles and recover the stones. Only time will tell.
Buried deep within your jungle domain are four magic stones. You must navigate forgotten ruins, lost temples, dense jungle, and the canopy of tree-tops in search of these ancient treasures. Interact with the animals and other intriguing wild-life, swing from tree-top perch to tree-top perch hundreds of feet above the jungle floor, discover the cities of a lost people as you carry out your quest.

Take to the trees in this exciting new 3D action adventure. You're the king of the jungle and you've got a job to do. There'll be no lounging around with Cheetah on this watch!

Story description:

Your jungle home is under threat from extinction due to an unknown blight of disease and death that is spreading like a plague through the once beautiful paradise. The plants and trees are all starting to wither and die, followed by the animals themselves, who are turning mad and killing each other and anything else they meet. The jungle is dying.

Game profile:

No one knows why this terrible disaster has struck, many of the tribes believe that the gods are angry at man for raping the jungle of its natural resources and has sent down a plague to punish him. Whatever the reason, one thing is clear, unless something is done soon the jungle will die altogether within the next few months. You seek help of the Malu tribe, one of the eldest tribes to inhabit the jungles. It is said that they can trace their ancestors back over two thousand years. Speaking to the elder of the tribe (their Shaman) you learn an ancient tale passed down through his tribe for generations. The tale tells of an ancient race of people who lived in a great city within the jungle. They were believed to possess great magical powers and it is said that they were able to control the very elements of nature itself.

The stories tell of four magical stones possessed by the Ancients that were believed to hold power over the elements, fire, water, air, and earth. It is said that by using the power of these stones the Ancients were able to have control over the weather and cast out a magical aura over the jungle that protected it from harm and kept its ecosystem in perfect balance.

According to legend the Ancients disappeared over 2000 years ago, although the shaman believes that their city may still exist, only its location has been lost in the mist of time, as generation after generation of his tribe has forgotten the old legends. If the legends are indeed true this ancient city may hold the only hope of saving your dying jungle.

You must seek out this lost city then locate the four Elemental Stones and take them to the ancient temple at the center of the city.The shaman believes that the four stones are located within the city itself or in the magical temples on the outskirts of the city. The shaman is able to give you a location where he thinks the city may be located, so it is now up to you find it and save your home. But be warned, the old legends also tell of fearsome creatures that dwell within the walls of the city, protecting its secrets from intruders.

Standout features:

Explore Realistic 3D environments.

Fight off tigers, Crocodiles & Dinosaurs.

Fly through the air on Vines, but be aware of wild monkeys and flying bats.

Watch out for poisonous plants, molten Lave and collapsing bridges.

Transverse huge canyons, rolling stones and narrow cliffs & more!

Made for Windows 95/98 ME/NT/2000/XP  -  Minimum Spec: Pentium 233Mhz 32 MB RAM - 	  Direct X 7.0 compatible 3D Video Card with 8 MB Ram - Windows 95/98/ME/XP -  Direct X 7.0 - 16 bit Soundcard -

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