The story begins when Princess Rosella is lured into a magical pool and the enchanted world beyond.

Her mother, Queen Valanice, plunges in after her and they find themselves in a land beyond reality.

Inhabited by delightful and fantastic creatures, The Realm of Eldritch is in the darkest peril: an evil enchantress plots to destroy it and our two protagonists become caught up in the adventure of their lives....

  • Imaginative, rich and humorous storytelling

  • Developed using brilliant cinema quality animations

  • Features an enchanting world in which you play as two different characters

  • Breathtaking high resolution backgrounds

  • Accompanied by memorable, fully orchestrated musical scores

Windows 95/98/ME/XP or Win2000/NT

Win95/98/ME/2000/XP, 300MHz CPU, 32Mb RAM, 8Mb Graphics, 25Mb HD, 4x CD-ROM

QTY Name Description Price
v-king7 KINGS-QUEST_7CD 9.99

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