This is a Lemmings game that's not the side view like the most of the others. You have to splatter enemies with paintballs from your paintgun. The number of Lemmings you control varies, althrough the number is usually more than one in the higher levels.

They 're bigger, cuter and cuddlier...and this time, they 've got guns! But these puzzle-mad Lemmings don 't shoot bullets - just balls of top quality emulsion! So help your team to victory through more than 100 adventures, 4 graphic environments and 4 head-scratching difficulty levels. Hours of paint-splattered mayhem guaranteed!


  • More tha 100 adventures

  • 4 graphic environments

  • 4 head-scratching difficulty levels

  • Hours of paint-splattered mayhem

  • On disk manual

Windows 95/98/ME/XP or Win2000/NT

Win95/98/ME/2000/XP, 300MHz CPU, 32Mb RAM, 8Mb Graphics, 25Mb HD, 4x CD-ROM

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