CarrotLand is under siege by the Pig National Army and the future for the happy-go -lucky peace loving Rabbits looks bleak. Their only hope is to launch a skilful, guerrilla-style counter attack using a light, mobile shock force comprised of their remaining units.


The war is on. Will gamers choose to join the Rabbits or Pigs?

The Pig National Army have crossed the border and entered CarrotLand, destroying most of the country. The Rabbit capital is under siege and the future looks bleak for the peace-loving Rabbits. Their only hope is to launch a skilful guerrilla counter-attack using a light mobile shock force…

S.W.I.N.E. is an exciting RTS that successfully takes the genre into new areas, combining incredible visuals, wonderful characters and gripping gameplay.


  • Superb graphics thrust gamers into the battlefield action

  • Detailed characters provide players with a greater depth to the action

  • 30 absorbing missions and exciting multiplayer games including Capture The Flag, Deathmatch, Destroy The Base, etc.

  • 10 massive multiplayer levels for play in a gripping WAR mode

  • Hugely varied terrain and weather effects bring the game to life

Windows 9x /ME/XP or Windows 2000 etc

Minimum: Windows 95/98/ME/XP, Pentium II 300, 64 MB, DirectX 8.0, compatible Sound and graphics card .

Supplied SEALED in DVD Packaging.

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