Hailed as a cross between Death Rally and Micro Machines , Excessive Speed is a 2D racing extravaganza featuring fourteen tracks and seven vehicles. The main thing that makes this game comparable to Micro Machines is the emphasis on combat. Each car is packed with it's own armory and, depending on the game mode, you can take your frustrations out on any of your opponents with weapons such as fireballs and mines.

There are five different game modes available in Excessive Speed, with one of the best being Track Fighter Dynamite Trial. This fast and furious race puts you against one other car in a crash and burn type scenario, in other words, if you crash your out of the race and have to start all over again, which can get very frustrating at the best of times (especially in multiplayer!).


  • 7 Unique Cars

  • 14 Unique Tracks

  • 17 Weapons and power-ups

  • 4 Multiple play modes

  • Dazzling special effects with mmx technology

Windows 95/98/ME/XP or Win2000/NT

Win95/98/ME/2000/XP, 300MHz CPU, 32Mb RAM, 8Mb Graphics, 25Mb HD, 4x CD-ROM

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