Create your own model railway

All aboard! Construct your own highly detailed model railway and watch it come to life in colourful, high resolution 3D. Use the top down view to place your tracks, buildings and scenery - the only limit is your imagination!

Create your own stunning layouts

Design your track, placing junctions and signals to keep your own private railway running smoothly. Using the helpful “grid” and “snap” features, you can have your own track up and running in minutes.

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Populate them with detailed scenery
It’s so easy to create your own mountains, towns, lakes, forests, roads, industrial zones and much more. The intelligent terrain editor does all the hard work for you, automatically creating bridges and tunnels while you design.

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Control multiple trains simultaneously
Place your locomotives, engines, wagons and carriages, then follow them around the track using the on-train camera. The intuitive control system makes it so easy to operate your trains, junctions and signals.

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Key Features

  • Superb 3D graphics detailing highly realistic trains, tracks, buildings and scenery.
  • Easy to use “drag-and-drop”editing.
  • Create hills, mountains, tunnels, bridges, rivers and lakes with ease.
  • 7 fully playable and editable model railway layouts.
  • Detailed tutorial with 11 examples.
  • 12 types of steam locomotives and modern engines, based on popular British and continental models.
  • 32 different types of goods wagons and carriages.
  • Place the “Train Cam” on any train to follow it around the track.
  • Place multiple trains on each track, you can even continue assembling your railway while the train set is operational.
  • Control the speed of any engine, and even put it into reverse.
  • Real time lighting effects in night time mode.
  • Rotate up to 360 degrees at the click of a mouse, view your track from any angle, even overhead!
  • Zoom in/out of your layout using your mouse.
  • Choose between digital (simple) and analogue (detailed) control systems.
  • Save your finished layouts and swap them with friends, via email, the web, etc.
  • Huge selection of objects including level crossings, houses, shops, factories, railway stations, cars, lorries, pedestrians, trees, plants and much, much more!

System Requirements

  • Windows® 98 / Me / XP
  • Pentium® III 600Mhz or equivalent
  • 150MB Hard Drive Space
  • 128MB RAM
  • Any 32MB DirectX 8, 3D compatible graphics card*
  • CD-ROM Speed 4x or faster
  • 100% DirectX 8 compatible sound card
  • Optional (required to print the user guides)

QTY Name Description Price
createMR Create your own Model Railway £9.99