Monopoly New Edition  -  PC CD-ROM

Wheel and deal forever with Monopoly!

Your game library will now be complete with the new Monopoly game for the PC. Now you can create your own personal version of the Property Trading Game By Parker Brothers and play like never before. Incredible animation and real time 3D action provide a unique gaming experience that allows you to see for the first time what properties really look like, watch tokens come to life and build an original version on a customised board. Customise the board to your own town or theme for great family fun. Use the clip art, or your own images -the ideas are limitless! Engaging Original music scores and sound effects keep the action moving no matter how your negotiations are going while adding a fun detail to the tokens as they skip, hop, and race around the board.

Key Features:
  • Compete with up to 6 players
  • Play over the Internet
  • Play on any of the 9 European boards
  • Enjoy great 3D animations
  • Play classic Monopoly or “Quick Game” rules
  • Windows® XP compatible

System requirements:

System requirements:

Microsoft® Windows 98SE/Me/XP/2000
Pentium® ll 500 MHz Processor or higher
32 MB RAM, 64 MB RAM fir Windows® XP
140 MB of hard disk space
4 speed CD-ROM drive
DirectX® 8.1 or higher compliant graphics card
DirectX® 8.1 or higher compliant sound card
Multiplayer: Ethernet card and LAN with TCP/IP protocols for LAN Play

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