True Arcade Racing Experience

RLR is a spectacular, challenging motorcycle racing game that, for the first time, brings a pure, unadulterated, true arcade racing experience to the PC. Pull the flies from your teeth and flip your visor down, as you blast through ten stunning tracks from all over the world. Bringing exhilarating speed and astounding graphics to your PC, select the visor-cam view to discover the plethora of visual effects, as the road screams beneath your wheels and the horizon lurches when you carve your bike through the bends.

  • 6 unique racing environments including 10 challenging and detailed tracks

  • Choose from 8 superbikes (plus secret bonus bikes) and 16 male and female characters

  • Dynamic real world bike physics and a plethora of graphical effects

  • 8 players via IPX network play, TCP/IP Internet play and modem with multi-player via serial connection

  • Option to edit your own bikes and tracks

minimum requirements : PII 266, 16 Mb RAM  Windows 9x /ME/XP or Windows 2000  Direct3D or 3DFX Glide 2.x compatible graphics card-  100% DirectX 7.x, or higher, compatible sound card  -  50 Mb free hard drive space

QTY Name Description Price
v-red REDLINE-RACER 9.97

Proprieter Malcolm Pett, (c) 2006 Bluebell Data, - all rights reserved
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