If the sedate life of a turn based strategy is your cup of tea then you should check out RIM BATTLE PLANETS from JoWood Productions.

Set in a distant galaxy a team of scientists and soldiers has set out to find the fabled home planet of the Old Ones, the race that gave them most of their technology before disappearing forever.

Clues point to a place beyond the rim of the galaxy but a perilous passage awaits the intrepid explorers. Each world they visit seems to teem with hostile life forms but, as in all turn-based strategy simulations, you do at least get time to plan your moves.

Players adopt the role of soldier and, as each of the 30 different missions unfolds, they must make the decisions that will ultimately lead to success. Each of the ground and air based units under their control has a limited amount of movement per round and the knack is to deploy them where they can be of the most strategic use. Some are better at reconnaissance but may be limited in the firepower section while heavier units such as tanks cannot see far but have a more devastating attack in battle.

Each round comes in three phases: the movement phase where each unit can be selected and placed; the attack phase where targets for each unit can be assigned, and the battle itself, which is played out automatically.

This is all achieved amid the regular chatter between ground forces and an argumentative orbital command who, in the pop-up communication windows, seem to resemble characters from Thunderbirds…! That aside though if you enjoy a strategic challenge – a galactic chess game – then you should like this one.

The graphics and sound are also very good with some excellent explosions and effects and the price is brilliant! Order yours Now!!!!

RIM: Battle Planets

Windows 9x /ME/XP or Windows 2000 etc

Supplied NEW & SEALED in DVD Packaging.

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RIM RimCD £9.97

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