Build your perfect city in the UK, Europe, Asia or North America. Create and control your urban empire with more power than ever before. With SimCity 3000™ UK Edition, you get all the great features of the original SimCity 3000™ plus much more. Expand your SimCities with new building sets from Asia and Europe... but more importantly the UK.

Choose from a selection of UK and Worldwide landmarks to recreate the city of your choice.Take on 14 challenging scenarios or create your own with the SimCity™ Scenario Creator including saving London from the Great Fire. Now is your chance to truly change the face of your favourite cities as you know them.

SimCity 3000 UK Edition

  • Select hundreds of buildings from SimCity 3000™ and new UK, European and Asian buildings.

  • Play 14 challenging scenarios or make your own with the SimCity™ Scenario Creator.

  • Inflict numerous disasters including - riots, toxic clouds, plague of locusts, space junk and a whirlpool.

  • Create unique masterpieces for your metropolis with the Building Architect Tool Plus.

  • Customise your terrain with the UK countryside, sprawling deserts and redwood forests.

  • SimCity 3000™ UK Edition Edition is based on SimCity 3000™ World Edition with the addition of the UK specific building set.

Windows 9x /ME/XP or Windows 2000 etc

Minimum: Windows 95/98/ XP-compatible Pentium 166Mhz (233Mhz recommended) 32MB RAM, 230MB free disc space, Graphics 2MB (4MB recommended), 4 x CD-rom (8x recommended)., This software uses DirectX 6 (your video & sound card must be DirectX 6 compatible, DirectX 6 supplied on CD).

Supplied NEW & SEALED in DVD Packaging. Page Latout

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SIM3000 Sim City 3000 £9.99

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