Four Continents

Trade Empires spans four continents . Your merchants will trade and build civilizations from Ancient China, across Central Asia and out to the Mediterranean. Trade continues west, across North Africa, Europe and across the Atlantic to the New World.

Forty Centuries

Trade Empires spans four thousand years. Early scenarios include Ancient China, Mesoptomia, and the Old Kingdom of Egypt. Mid-game scenarios track the Roman Empire, and follow the devlelopment of trade during the Middle Ages around the world. The most advanced scenarios witness the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

Making Money

From humble beginnings with one merchant on a donkey, you will build a dynasty whose power extends across a vast trade and transport network. Buy low, sell high. Develop expensive luxury goods from cheap resources, and make money every step of the way.

Civilization Building

From what began as rural areas, sophisticated cities grow up around the trading centers. Diverse consumer goods, new industrial workshops and a network of roads all contribute to the growth of the cities. Your merchants profit from the higher prices and increased demand.

Windows 9x /ME/XP or Windows 2000 etc

System Requirements:   Pentium II 300 or equivalent, 64Mb RAM, 300Mb hard drive space

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